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City of Anacortes Wasington - image.Located on the north shore of Fidalgo Island in Washington State's Puget Sound, Anacortes was founded in 1879 by railroad surveyor Amos Bowman and named in honor of his wife, Anne Curtis. Bowman promoted Anacortes as the "New York of the West," ultimately failing to establish the urban center he envisioned. But those who were drawn to Anacortes established a vital and unique small town that progressed to All-America City status by 1962.

Prior to the boom and bust of the 1890s, Fidalgo Island was home to the Samish and the Swinomish people for thousands of years. Old-growth cedar and Douglas fir trees dominated the landscape from seashore to lake shore. Members of the Samish tribe lived in cedar longhouses measuring over 1,000 feet; their Guemes Island longhouse stood into the 20th century. These Coast Salish tribes oriented their villages toward the abundance of the sea, and built a wealthy and sophisticated culture based on harvesting salmon and shellfish, fashioning clothing and basketry from natural materials, while plying the waters in canoes for trade, harvest and occasional raids.

Spanish and British explorers arrived in the late 1700s to map and name many of the surrounding islands and waterways: Rosario Strait, Guemes Channel, Padilla Bay, and the San Juan Islands. White pioneers began arriving on Fidalgo Island in the 1850s, and were drawn to the meadow lands of March Point for their settlements - now the site of two oil refineries - because the land was already clear for farming. The settlement of Anacortes required the removal of mammoth trees, and the abundance of wood supplied early lumber mills, providing the materials for Anacortes' homes, stores, wharves, even the planking for streets.

Early settlers initially lived as neighbors to the Samish and Swinomish people. Yet as echoed throughout the American continent, this early cooperation did not endure. The 1929 edition of the high school yearbook states the matter plainly: About 1860 the first settlers began dispossessing the Indians of Ship Harbor, as Anacortes was first called. Once these Native Americans' land was taken, following the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855, many moved to the Swinomish Reservation on southeast Fidalgo Island, or made homestead claims on their own homelands on Guemes or other islands. Thus, the land around Anacortes was opened to homesteaders and downtown investment schemes.

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AlpenView Wilderness Lodge - image.

  • AlpenView Wilderness Lodge - AlpenView Wilderness Lodge is a full-service Kodiak Island lodge that offering the best Alaska fishing lodging. It is remote, accessible only by sea or air. Our services include everything a visitor will need to make the best of their visit to Kodiak Island. Lodging, food, equipment, transportation and fully guided activities are all provided. We feature some of the best saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing and fly fishing in Alaska. - Call: (907) 654-5373 or Email:

    Some of the fish we chase: Halibut - King Salmon - Steelhead - Silver Salmon

    Our Kodiak Island lodge has a guest capacity of 8 with our 4 guest rooms and 4 full baths. The lodge great room offers a captivating view of Ugak Bay and the surrounding mountains. It incorporates the dining area, living area and fly tying bench. Meals are prepared in our large commercial kitchen and served in the dining area. AlpenView's menu proudly reflects our location in one of the world's seafood capitals. A healthy mix of seafood, meat, and foul are prepared with an international flair.

    Certified Public Accountants

  • Nth Degree CPAs - What if you had a financial expert helping you optimize your business and family financial situation all year long? Would your business be more profitable? Would you have fewer late nights? Would you feel a greater sense of control? Would you have more time to focus on other areas of your business? Would you reach your goals faster? Nth Degree CPAs, can help. READY TO GET STARTED? GET IN TOUCH TODAY! Call 206-682-0281.

    Washington State Commercial Real Estate Appraisals.

  • Washington State Commercial Real Estate Appraisals - From evaluating estate property to raw land for commercial development, we can help with appraising as well as services for Market Analysis, Property Marketability, Feasibility and Highest and Best Use. We provide Washington State with expert commercial property appraisal services. We have an excellent history of long-time commercial appraisals across the state. We offer quality work and excellent prices with quick turn around times. Give us a call at 253-564-1342 or visit our website for more information.

    HVAC Systems - image.

  • HVAC & Furnace Installation, Repair & Maintenance - From Edmonds, Eastside down to Tacoma area - What's Your Heating and Cooling Problem? Furnace Doctors Can Cure Them All! HVAC contractor, John Day and his Furnace Doctors, have been fixing heat pumps, furnaces and air conditioners for years. John says, "We've seen it all! We are a full -service heating and cooling company - there is NOTHING we cannot work on. We service, install and maintain all HVAC systems including all major brands of heating and cooling equipment."

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    Corporate industrial business production - image.

  • PNW Video Production - For over thirty years, the most effective AND affordable choice for video production in the Pacific Northwest. From Group Health, Washington Aggregate and Concrete Association, Asarco, Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, Land Surveyors' Association of Washington, and beyond.

    The ideal video production company for construction videos & video manuals for work done at Joint Base Lewis McChord. They produce Youtube videos for small business as well. Distribution via online, DVD, or thumb drive.

    Healthy Aging Diet HGC Weight Loss Clinic - Tacoma.

  • Chocolate & Vanilla Shakes - Lean Protein Weight Loss Formula - Healthy Aging Diet's Lean Protein Weight Loss Formula is a powdered nutritional beverage that provides both macro and micronutrients for individuals who want to improve body composition and lose or maintain weight. Features specialty nutrients to help promote blood sugar control and efficient fat metabolism.
  • High-quality whey protein base, 100% casein free.
  • Assists in healthy blood sugar metabolism and available in chocolate & vanilla.
  • Each serving provides a multivitamin and mineral core, plus a high dose of chromuim, phaseolamin, guar gum, and green tea extract.
    For more information call 253.272.4244 or visit us online, watch our videos, and read our testimonials.

    Construction debris and recycling.

  • Construction Debris and Recycling - Dumpster Rentals - SW Washington - Our business is picking up. We are a full service recycling company, providing services throughout the South Puget Sound region, including the cities of Aberdeen, Olympia, and Centralia. We can help you in Grays Harbor, Lewis, and Thurston counties as well as other areas of the South Puget Sound. Contact Us for immediately help: 360-280-7305.

    Chocolate Yellow Silver Black Labrador Puppies For Sale

  • Chocolate Yellow Silver Black Labrador Puppies For Sale - Cassie Day loves her family of dogs. The dogs and puppies are part of the family. They breed their dogs and pass them along to happy families in Washington State. They now offer Olde English Bulldogges as well. People buy for hunting pals, dogs for their children, and returning service members buy them for their company.

    Healthy Aging Diet Control Weight Loss Tacoma and Spokane

  • Healthy Aging Diet Control Weight Loss Tacoma - Need to control your diet, lose some weight, or just feel better so you can live longer? Talk to Dana in Tacoma. They can help you and your body. Healthy Aging Body even offers Free Consultations!

    Northwest Adventures and Vacation BLOG by authors Don and Peggy Doman

  • Northwest Adventures and Vacation BLOG by authors Don and Peggy Doman - The Pacific Northwest is a great place to spend a vacation. If you only have a couple of days and are looking for a short adventure, then we have many suggestions. We write about our own adventures to Northwest cities like: Tacoma, Seattle, Mukilteo, Victoria and Portland. We stay at hotels or bed & breakfasts. We visit museums, restaurants, and fun places to shop and look around.

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    Anacortes Business Directory, free Anacortes business listings, free Anacortes classified ads, Anacortes Business Directory Washington WA.

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    Anacortes Business Directory, free Anacortes business listings, free Anacortes classified ads, Anacortes Business Directory Washington WA.

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  • Anacortes Business Directory, free Anacortes business listings, free Anacortes classified ads, Anacortes Business Directory Washington WA.

    Anacortes Business Directory, free Anacortes business listings, free Anacortes classified ads, Anacortes Business Directory Washington WA.